People who are not British nationals can find themselves in an Immigration Detention Center or Removal Center or in prison facing transfer to one. The United Kingdom (UK) Authorities authorise detention if in their opinion a person’s application to remain in the UK can be considered quickly or If a person is likely to be removed from the UK within a reasonable period or if they believe detention is necessary as a person would otherwise not keep in contact with the UK Border Agency or if they say detention is necessary to protect the public.

Detention should only be used as a last resort. A decision to detain must be reviewed regularly and detainees must be given reasons for their detention. A person detained can be released on Bail or with restrictions by the UK Border Agency and we can assist with making representations and legal arguments why a person should be released. The Right to Liberty is a fundamental Human Right.

Applications to be released on bail can also be made to the Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). A hearing will take place to decide if a person should be released on bail. Bail hearings take place very quickly and often a hearing will take place the same week an application for Bail is made. We can make Bail applications and provide legal representation at Bail hearings and look at the reasons for detention to make sure the Authorities are not detaining you illegally.

Legal Aid may be available for to represent you at a bail hearing. An excellent organisation called Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) can also represent people at Bail hearings free of charge. BID can be contacted via

We can assist people in Prisons and in Immigration Detention Centers and Prisons.

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