Many immigration decisions carry a right of appeal to an independent Tribunal. If you appeal against an immigration decision the Tribunal will review the decision and will decide if it is lawful.

A decision that carries the right of appeal might be a decision to refuse to grant further permission to remain in the United Kingdom (UK), to remove a person from the UK or to refuse to allow them to enter the UK.

A decision may not be lawful if: it does not follow the Immigration Rules or the various official guidance documents published by the UK Border Agency and Immigration Service or if it is a breach of a person’s Human Rights or if it might lead to a person being persecuted or harmed abroad.

The Tribunal is divided into two parts: the First Tier (“lower”) Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal. The First Tier Tribunal hears appeals against immigration decisions and the Upper Tribunal hears appeals against decisions of the First Tier Tribunal. Above that are the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, which is the highest Court in the UK.

We are experts at preparing your appeal and will represent you at a Tribunal hearing.

All members of the Migrant Law Partnership are excellent advocates with many years of experience (and precedent case law decisions to their name). There are very strict time limits in Immigration appeals. If you need assistance preparing your case and representation at the Tribunal or grounds of appeal drafted please talk to us.

If you have received a decision of the Tribunal that is unfavorable, you may be able to appeal further. We can look at your case, prepare the arguments and draft grounds of appeal.