Most persons will need a visa to enter the United Kingdom (UK). There are many categories of visa in the Immigration Rules. Visas are granted for specific purposes. Each purpose is in a detailed set of rules made by the government of the UK. Visas are issued for people to come to the UK for a limited period for instance to visit, to study or to work.

People can also be given visas to settle in the UK which means they will eventually be allowed to remain permanently for instance as spouses or partners. In some cases people already in the UK who have visas to stay for a limited period can apply to extend their permission to remain or to remain in the UK permanently. The Immigration Rules are very lengthy, you can view them here

The Immigration Rules set out very detailed requirements for the evidence that must be submitted with an application for a visa. If the correct evidence and documentation is not submitted exactly as required applications will normally be refused.

We can help you identify the exact rule under which you or those whom you are assisting can apply to come to the UK. We can assist you in completing the application and preparing and presenting all the evidence and documentation you need to be successful. Whether you are in the UK or outside the UK we can help.