Immigration and Human Rights Law is what we do at the Migrant Law Partnership. Let’s talk about you and how we can provide you with the best services.

About Us

The Migrant Law Partnership is a visionary way of providing legal services. It is a different sort of company, a company with a Social Purpose limited by the guarantee of its members, dedicated to providing legal advice and representation with flair and fairness

As a Limited Company with a Social Purpose, the Migrant Law Partnership combines commercial acumen and corporate conscience allowing it to stay ahead in the competitive industry of Immigration and Human Rights Law.

All employees of the Migrant Law Partnership are encouraged to be members and have a voice in the business. The Migrant Law Partnership has no shareholders or outside owners.

It is not established for private gain. As a not for profit company, any excess of income over expenditure is applied to providing even better services to our clients.

We do not work for our clients, we work with them in partnership. Our partners and clients have the reassurance that members of the Migrant Law Partnership have one aim. To provide the best legal advice and representation.